How We Work


How we work

How we invest
Compass provides companies with equity in exchange for a minority stake of 15 to 40% of the ordinary share capital.   “We don’t control nor run the companies ourselves, we support and ensure their autonomous, long-term success!”   How?
  • By establishing long-term, trust-based relationships with the companies;
  • By working closely with their leaders to increase the odds of their success.
Compass offers investees:
  • Strategic and operational support
  • Access to a regional network of experts and resources
  • Help in identifying opportunities within the ENL Group
  • A credible and reliable business partnership
  • Workspace, if they need it
What we look for in a start-up
At Compass, we provide expansion financing rather than seed funding. We work with businesses that are already up and running but that need capital in order to grow. Our goal? Investing in businesses (and people!) with potential. We strive for innovation and look for companies operating in new markets, with one-of-a-kind business models.   Our main criteria?
  • A visionary leadership, backed up by an exceptional team
  • A strong and realistic business plan
  • Robust growth prospects
  • Clear potential to become a market leader in respective fields
  • The potential to scale up to a regional or global level